Our story

Our story began in 1997, when Antonio Chaker, founder of Instituto Inttegra, went to work and live on a large farm in Mato Grosso do Sul. There, the agricultural activity was driven by numbers and as he acted as controller, he ended up seeing in practice the countless advantages of having all these numbers “in hand”.

From then on, he was inspired to study and work in the area of metrics and control, but with each experience, Antonio realized that just controlling was not enough for a satisfactory result. It was necessary to have control aligned with a strategic vision, in addition, the operation needed to generate value for the people involved if it wanted to achieve transformative results.

These ideas provoked the need for a method that would organize farm management in a simple and reliable way. And this method was developed and perfected over the years between 2002 and 2015 while he worked at the company he founded, Terra Desenvolvimento Agropecuário.

In 2015, with the solution alive and powerful, with the aim of impacting even more farms, Antonio founded the Institute of Agricultural Metrics, INTTEGRA. A company that certifies the method that is solidified in technology and collaboration to monitor the performance of its partners. Since then, we at Inttegra have been agents that promote changes in the agricultural sector.

Soon after, to train our technicians in the best possible way, we created a teaching sector within the Institute. And look at that, what was initially a certification school, took shape amid so many initiatives and became the AGRO FOUNDATION in 2023. Currently, the Agro Foundation is a source of dissemination of content in the area and generation of knowledge that transforms.

Our company also has a Research Center, HECTTARE, which is an initiative where we study and produce high-performance agricultural activities, to bring innovation to our customers. Thus, we contribute to expressive results in the sector, always aligned with its conscious and sustainable evolution.

Today, we are happy to be one of the main references in agricultural solutions and management in the national market, our method is in more than 700 enterprises in Brazil and South American countries, we train more than 6 thousand students and we have more than 100 committed professionals in taking agribusiness further and further!



Our Mission

Leveraging the ability of people in agribusiness to generate transformative results through numbers, knowledge and management.

Our Vision

We want to impact 10,000 agricultural leaders in South America by 2030.

Our Values






Simple goes further

We work continuously to make the process of learning, analysis, management and production simpler and easier to be absorbed and applied every day.

Trust is the glue that holds us together

We build trusting relationships between ourselves and our customers. We take care of the quality of the analyses, the results and the content generated with maximum depth. We are deeply committed to ensuring complete security of the information we manage.

Innovation is in our DNA

The new motivates us. We challenge the present by creating more complete ways of doing things, creating innovative partnerships and seeking high performance. We want human and artificial intelligence to work together to position the company and the customer at the forefront of the times.

Transformation is what makes it worthwhile

The essence of evolution is in positive transformation. Leaving people, businesses and the planet better than we found it is our greatest motivation, which is why our motto is to always improve. After all, we work to make agriculture a good business that does good.

Cooperating is smart

We believe in collective intelligence, which is why we build and maintain a routine of mutual help between us and our customers and partners. We share results, knowledge and experiences, support each other in decisions and share ideals, thus building and prospering together.


What we offer

In the quest to systematically provide managers with quality information for better decision making, the Institute works on 3 fronts:

Logotipo Vistta

Vistta has a field collection application, management software and the Bussiness Intelligence tool for analyzing all the indicators on your farm.

With the Vistta package, you can follow all the established goals and compare them with the current results of the farm, seeking to adjust the route whenever necessary to achieve good results at the end of the harvest.

Logotipo Resultta

It is our results management program with the Resultta platform, which is highly simple to use and generates powerful information for decision making.

In this service, the implementation is online via training, and the program participant has its development through constant online training. This modality is for those who don't need a complete software.

Logotipo Resultta

The Institute believes that education is the only path that leads to continuous development.

That's why we offer Lectures and Training, aimed at the development of high performance managers and teams.

We approach the most modern and practical concepts of Agricultural Management focused on results, always with a practical focus and based on real cases.


Proven experience by farms

São Domingos
Nascer do Sol
São Caetano
Santa Nice
Estância Bahia
La Veronica
Bela Vista
Grupo Vitasal
Santos Reis


Talk to us!

We hope we have clearly explained what we have to offer, if you have any questions, please contact us. We will be delighted to serve you.

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